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Having a CV of all your accomplishments is vital for ensuring future opportunities for psychology majors. As promised, here is the sample APA format CV:

Psychology CV

Continue reading to learn some tips about writing a high-quality CV. The abbreviation “CV” is short for “curriculum vitae” and is essentially a professional résumé. A good CV is relevant, concise, and organized.
-Relevance: It’s great that you’ve been a bowling champion since you were 14 and that you like to bake amazing cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings, but neither of these help qualify you for professional opportunities in psychology. Include publications, presentations, relevant volunteer experience, teaching experience, and awards/honors. If related to the position you are applying to , it might benefit you to include specialized skills like experience working with certain statistical packages, fMRI, etc.
-Concise: List your experiences in enough detail to show how each experience has benefitted you, but don’t exhaustively describe minor experiences. Exaggerating your qualifications is known as “padding” and will be quite obvious to an experienced reviewer. Side note: use verbs to actively describe your experiences. Instead of, “Duties involved data coding and literature reviews” for a research assistant description, use something more active like, “Duties involved collecting and managing data in addition to conducting literature reviews.” This puts the focus on your actions, rather than the on the activities themselves (thanks to Bill Elwood at NIH for this tip!).
Organized: The formatting of your CV should clearly prioritize important accomplishments first and flow smoothly throughout. You never want your reader to have to stop and shake their head for a second because they have to re-read a section that didn’t make sense the first time around. Make use of headings and sub-headings with consistent formatting throughout. Don’t switch up fonts from section to section, although it is perfectly fine to have a heading/subheading font be different from the font used for the main body text throughout.

Tip 1: Ask a professor or graduate student to look over your CV and offer suggestions
Tip 2: Make sure publications and presentations are in APA format

This sample CV is in plain, black and white formatting that is similar to the formatting often used in for a faculty member or graduate student. If it seems a little bit boring, just remember that you are applying to a professional opportunity in psychology, not a graphic design job!