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Graduate Students in Psychology

Psychology-Majors.com focuses on undergraduates, but here is a site that focuses on graduate students: 10 tips for graduate students We are always looking for great quality relevant content and Dr. Katie Gordon delivers on all fronts, with tips on how to obtain grant funding, succeed in graduate school, or even become a professor.

Master’s Degree in Psychology

A master’s degree in psychology is intended mainly for those who are interested in pursuing a career in practice (working with people) rather than research. Unfortunately, you can’t do much career-wise with only a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Essentially, you need some sort of graduate education to get a job in a psychology-related field. A […]

How to Successfully Obtain Psychology Grant Funding

I have attempted to break down the steps for applying for grant funding into four basic steps for success. There are a limited number of funding opportunities available for undergraduates, but if you are able to obtain one, it will be a great addition to your CV. Note: these steps will work at any stage […]

Attending Conferences

Attending and presenting at conferences can provide a huge boost to your CV and open up doors for the future. First, make sure to get involved in research. You can check out your psychology department’s website for faculty members’ research interests or ask around to see which labs are accepting undergraduate research assistants (current grad […]

Adding a Major or Minor

If you’re a psychology major thinking about adding a major or minor, first ask yourself, “why?” First of all, I admire your initiative to go above and beyond the requirements of your regular coursework. Before you start running all over campus gathering the required signatures to add a major or minor, first ask yourself, “why?” […]