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Graduate Students in Psychology focuses on undergraduates, but here is a site that focuses on graduate students: 10 tips for graduate students We are always looking for great quality relevant content and Dr. Katie Gordon delivers on all fronts, with tips on how to obtain grant funding, succeed in graduate school, or even become a professor.

Graduate School Interview Survival Guide

Survival Tips for Interview Season by Megan Rogers Introduction: Applying to graduate school in psychology is both an exhilarating and exhausting process.  It may seem like the most hectic timeframe in applying to graduate school is prior to the application deadline, but in reality, attending interview and visit days take up just as much, if […]

Letter of Recommendation

Ok, so you nailed your GRE’s, have gained relevant research and volunteer experience, and have a great GPA… Now you need to put the icing on the cake by getting some killer letters of recommendation. Don’t underestimate the importance of having excellent letters of recommendation from well-respected professionals. The fact that a professional is willing […]

Grad School

Psychology Graduate School- Application Process

Applying to graduate school in psychology is a major investment in terms of time, money, and effort. From start to finish, the whole process can take six months to a year and cost thousands of dollars. Don’t be alarmed though, because the investment is definitely worth it. In terms of job opportunities and salary, going […]

Psychology Graduate School Interview Questions

Standard Questions: 1. What made you apply here? They are trying to assess fit, as they will be potentially working with you for the next five years. Answer truthfully, but make sure to highlight your strengths and the qualities that make you a desirable candidate. 2. What are some of your strengths and weaknesses? This […]

PsyD versus PhD in Psychology

So you’re a psychology major thinking about whether to pursue a PsyD versus a PhD in Psychology? Well, let me describe each and hopefully you will be a little bit better informed to make your decision. The basic difference comes down to practice (PsyD) versus research (PhD). That being said, some PhD programs do tend […]