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Psychology Major Careers: Industrial Organizational Psychology

Careers for Psychology Majors in I/O Psychology     Put simply, industrial and organizational psychology looks at human behavior in the workplace. It’s often referred to as I-O psychology or even just ‘work psychology’. It’s one of the lesser-known fields, and many I-O Psychologists find themselves continually explaining what they do, even to other Psychologists! […]

Psychology Major Careers: Exploring Clinical Psychology

What is a Clinical Psychologist? Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. Clinical Psychology is the branch that takes this information and applies it in ‘real life’ settings. This can include psychological assessment, diagnosis and treatment. As one of a number of practitioner psychologists, Clinical Psychologists often work with people with […]

How Hard is Psychology?

By Matt Michaels Matt Michaels Google+ It seems to me that there are two main reasons for a person to ask, “how hard is psychology?” 1. Thinking about majoring in psychology 2. Looking for a challenge 3. Looking for a cake class/major #1. Ok, I’ll assume that you’re not the slacker type (If you are, […]


Having a CV of all your accomplishments is vital for ensuring future opportunities for psychology majors. As promised, here is the sample APA format CV: Psychology CV Continue reading to learn some tips about writing a high-quality CV. The abbreviation “CV” is short for “curriculum vitae” and is essentially a professional résumé. A good CV […]


Careers for Psychology Majors

Here are the top ten career choices for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include the job outlook for individuals who go on to receive a graduate education in psychology. As you can see, the pay for psychology majors is rather poor. These types of jobs involve helping […]