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Careers for Psychology Majors

Here are the top ten career choices for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include the job outlook for individuals who go on to receive a graduate education in psychology. As you can see, the pay for psychology majors is rather poor. These types of jobs involve helping others, which can be rewarding but also stressful. It is highly advisable to obtain a graduate education in psychology if at all possible. The increased salary and additional job opportunities are certainly worth it.

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities for individuals with an education in psychology are expected to go as fast as average. The bureau emphasizes that these prospects will be best for individuals who have earned a doctorate degree from a high quality institution and who have studied in a specific sub-field. They also note that competition will be high for those with a master’s degree in psychology, although industrial-organizational psychology may be an exception to this. They also go on to explain that job opportunities will be limited for those with only a bachelor’s degree. We describe certain careers in-depth such as clinical psychology.