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Psychology versus Sociology

Psychology and sociology are both social sciences, so what are the major differences between the two? Technically speaking, psychology takes a micro-level approach to social science and sociology takes a macro-level approach. Simply put, “Psychology studies the individual person while Sociology studies groups of people.” Rodger Rossman’s Intro to Psychology Site The lines blur somewhat […]

Graduate Students in Psychology focuses on undergraduates, but here is a site that focuses on graduate students: 10 tips for graduate students We are always looking for great quality relevant content and Dr. Katie Gordon delivers on all fronts, with tips on how to obtain grant funding, succeed in graduate school, or even become a professor.

Graduate School Interview Survival Guide

Survival Tips for Interview Season by Megan Rogers Introduction: Applying to graduate school in psychology is both an exhilarating and exhausting process.  It may seem like the most hectic timeframe in applying to graduate school is prior to the application deadline, but in reality, attending interview and visit days take up just as much, if […]

Psychology Major Careers: Industrial Organizational Psychology

Careers for Psychology Majors in I/O Psychology     Put simply, industrial and organizational psychology looks at human behavior in the workplace. It’s often referred to as I-O psychology or even just ‘work psychology’. It’s one of the lesser-known fields, and many I-O Psychologists find themselves continually explaining what they do, even to other Psychologists! […]

Psychology Major Careers: Exploring Clinical Psychology

What is a Clinical Psychologist? Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. Clinical Psychology is the branch that takes this information and applies it in ‘real life’ settings. This can include psychological assessment, diagnosis and treatment. As one of a number of practitioner psychologists, Clinical Psychologists often work with people with […]

University Psychology Courses

Psychology majors have a wide variety of course options, as psychology is a broad field. Some courses are pretty standard across universities, however, and often make up the core requirements for the major. These courses include General Psychology, Physiological Psychology/Behavioral Neuroscience, Behavioral Psychology, Personality Psychology, and a Research Methods lab. Other requirements for a psychology […]

How Hard is Psychology?

By Matt Michaels Matt Michaels Google+ It seems to me that there are two main reasons for a person to ask, “how hard is psychology?” 1. Thinking about majoring in psychology 2. Looking for a challenge 3. Looking for a cake class/major #1. Ok, I’ll assume that you’re not the slacker type (If you are, […]

Master’s Degree in Psychology

A master’s degree in psychology is intended mainly for those who are interested in pursuing a career in practice (working with people) rather than research. Unfortunately, you can’t do much career-wise with only a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Essentially, you need some sort of graduate education to get a job in a psychology-related field. A […]

Letter of Recommendation

Ok, so you nailed your GRE’s, have gained relevant research and volunteer experience, and have a great GPA… Now you need to put the icing on the cake by getting some killer letters of recommendation. Don’t underestimate the importance of having excellent letters of recommendation from well-respected professionals. The fact that a professional is willing […]

How to Successfully Obtain Psychology Grant Funding

I have attempted to break down the steps for applying for grant funding into four basic steps for success. There are a limited number of funding opportunities available for undergraduates, but if you are able to obtain one, it will be a great addition to your CV. Note: these steps will work at any stage […]

Attending Conferences

Attending and presenting at conferences can provide a huge boost to your CV and open up doors for the future. First, make sure to get involved in research. You can check out your psychology department’s website for faculty members’ research interests or ask around to see which labs are accepting undergraduate research assistants (current grad […]


Having a CV of all your accomplishments is vital for ensuring future opportunities for psychology majors. As promised, here is the sample APA format CV: Psychology CV Continue reading to learn some tips about writing a high-quality CV. The abbreviation “CV” is short for “curriculum vitae” and is essentially a professional résumé. A good CV […]


Grad School

Psychology Graduate School- Application Process

Applying to graduate school in psychology is a major investment in terms of time, money, and effort. From start to finish, the whole process can take six months to a year and cost thousands of dollars. Don’t be alarmed though, because the investment is definitely worth it. In terms of job opportunities and salary, going […]

Careers for Psychology Majors

Here are the top ten career choices for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include the job outlook for individuals who go on to receive a graduate education in psychology. As you can see, the pay for psychology majors is rather poor. These types of jobs involve helping […]

Psychology Graduate School Interview Questions

Standard Questions: 1. What made you apply here? They are trying to assess fit, as they will be potentially working with you for the next five years. Answer truthfully, but make sure to highlight your strengths and the qualities that make you a desirable candidate. 2. What are some of your strengths and weaknesses? This […]

Adding a Major or Minor

If you’re a psychology major thinking about adding a major or minor, first ask yourself, “why?” First of all, I admire your initiative to go above and beyond the requirements of your regular coursework. Before you start running all over campus gathering the required signatures to add a major or minor, first ask yourself, “why?” […]

Psychology Major Activities

There are plenty of ways to get involved as a psychology major. Many schools have psychology clubs, research opportunities, and volunteering opportunities in the local community. Let’s talk a little bit more about each: 1. Psychology clubs. A lot of schools have psychology clubs so students can get more exposure to the field beyond just […]

PsyD versus PhD in Psychology

So you’re a psychology major thinking about whether to pursue a PsyD versus a PhD in Psychology? Well, let me describe each and hopefully you will be a little bit better informed to make your decision. The basic difference comes down to practice (PsyD) versus research (PhD). That being said, some PhD programs do tend […]

Psychology Major

What do Psychology Majors do? College students may have a wide variety of motives for choosing psychology as their major. Choosing to major in psychology can be a great first step for many different career paths. In this major, the courses are generally highly interesting and the people in the class are usually sociable. The […]